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Anual sIMMposium

During this year’s annual sIMMposium organised by Institute of Molecules and Materials (IMM) at Radboud University Dr. Will Robinson presented his recent study on a prebiotic reaction network and origins of life. If you still haven’t read the paper, you can find it here.

New paper on photobiocatalysis in flow conditions

New article on photobiocatalysis in flow was published in ACS Biocatalysis in a collaboration with the group of Wolfgang Kroutil from Graz University! In this paper immobilised photodecarboxylase from C. variabilis (CvFAP) is taken as an example to demonstrate the methodology development of photobiocatalysis in flow conditions. Various enzyme immobilisation techniques were used to determine […]

Emma Keizer – new postdoc

Emma is a computational systems biologist who enjoys working in multi-disciplinary research teams. During her Ph.D. research, she studied noisy gene expression networks to investigate the implications of cell-to-cell variability on cellular fitness through a combination of experimental (single-cell) analysis and mathematical modelling. Her work in the Huck group is focused on designing mathematical models […]


The Huck group was well represented this year at CHAINS – the main chemistry conference for chemists in the Netherlands. One of our postdocs, Oliver Maguire, presented his recent work on a prebiotic phosphorylation system for creating phosphorylated molecules critical to the Origins of Life. Many members of the group also presented their work in […]

Publication: New methodology for characterization of cell-free genetic networks enables forward engineering

Forward engineering of (cell-free) genetic networks is one of the main goals in the field of synthetic biology. However, despite the vast library of available building blocks for the assembly of these networks, identifying the reaction kinetics to make these building blocks modular for forward engineering remains elusive. In our latest work we established an […]

CLASSY consortium meeting in Madrid

CLASSY consortium finally had a chance to meet again in person on June 16-17 in Madrid. This time the meeting was hosted by the group of Andrés de la Escosura from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Miglė Jakštaitė and Wilhelm Huck were presenting and discussing the progress in enzymatic cascade reactions and process optimisation together with […]

Podcast series about building a synthetic cell

Over the past months, many PhDs, postdocs, and PIs from Building a Synthetic Cell (BaSyC) consortium  have contributed to a podcast series about our efforts to build a synthetic cell. The Rathenau Instituut, in collaboration with designer Mies Loogman, created this 4-episode podcast series that is called ‘Herschept’ (In Dutch), and the final episode is […]