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New paper on a Phosphorylating System for the Origins of Life

At the Origins of Life, the transfer of scarce phosphate to the organic molecules that make up biochemistry is a significant challenge for prebiotic chemistry. Here we show a prebiotic physicochemical cycle to activate orthophosphate and via a kinetically stable thermodynamically activated molecule phosphorylate all of Life’s basic building blocks. Excitingly, this system is constructed […]

GitHub workshop

Today two PhD students Melde and Mathieu organised the first computational workshop ‘Working with GitHub’. Everybody in the department, from student to PI, was welcome to join. Learning how to use GitHub is a hugely relevant skill for modern working environments, and for doing collaborative and reproducible science with a computational aspect, from simple data […]

Dr. Vibhute

Today (29 June, 2021) Mahesh Vibhute defended his PhD thesis entitled “Reconstituting living cells. Mobility, reactivity and asymmetry in cytomimetic crowded protocells.” Big congratulations, Dr. Vibhute and good luck to your future career!

NWO XS grant for Dr. Francesca Rivello

Dr. Francesca Rivello, with Dr. Eng. Kinga Matuła as collaborator, won a 50kEuro grant in the NWO XS competition. This is an ambitious and complex project that seeks to address emerging challenges connected with single-cell multi-omics analysis, both experimental and bioinformatic. During the next eight months Francesca and Kinga will use previously developed technology for […]

Postdoctoral fellowship grant for Dr. Tao Zhou

Dr. Tao Zhou has been recently awarded a Postdoctoral Mobility Fellowship, funded by The Swiss National Science Foundation. This fellowship supports postdoctoral researchers to extend their scientific network and enhance their scientific profile for a period of two years outside of Switzerland. In the next two years, Tao will work on reconstituting enzymatic reaction networks […]

Michael’s goodbye party

This month Dr. Michael Teders said goodbye to our group as he found a new job in Germany. Michael was part of the Huck group for about two years and made a significant progress in the fields of photochemistry and enzymatic chemical reaction networks. On his last day we had a small farewell gathering with […]

Sammie – our new group member

Please welcome our new lab support member – Sammie! Sammie is a 3-month labrador and currently is working from home. His main job is to keep everyone around happy. And he’s very good at it! At the moment he is busy with the puppy training. His interests include food and chewing everything he can find […]