LNC Season 3. Artificial organic chemistry with Robert Pollice

The Late Night Conference with Wilhelm Huck is back again with its exciting new Season 3. Just like last season, we are bringing it to you LIVE from Radboud University Nijmegen with a studio audience hosted by Prof. Wilhelm Huck. Of course, we will still follow our tradition of live streaming so that you can enjoy these fascinating lectures from your home, in the lab or on the bus! In this new season, we will dive deep with the exciting topic of Chemistry and AI. From complex learning to using AI for drug discovery, we have a range of topics covered with our speaker lineup!

The second episode of Late Night Conference with Wilhelm Huck is on Tuesday 14th March, 20h00 CET!

This episode will be streamed live on our YouTube channel Late Night Conference with WH (don’t forget to subscribe & watch our previous exciting episodes!) from Giga-Bite at Huygensgebouw in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, where we are excited to have you in our audience!!

Please note – no ticket is needed if you only want to watch the stream on YouTube! 

Our second episode is all about organic chemistry; with a twist. Robert Pollice, Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen, will join us on the 14th of March to share how advances in computing and robotics can revolutionise organic chemistry by accelerating the design of new catalysts.

Robert’s research can be described as nothing but state-of-the-art and ambitious. In his quest to design molecular catalysts for organic reactions, he is fusing the realms of simulation and lab automation to achieve accelerated discovery of new catalysts. Are you excited? We are!

To prepare, you can binge watch Season 1 and 2 on our YouTube channel. You may also enjoy this highlight reel from our last seasons. You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram, as well as subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates!

See you soon!