Late Night Conference with Wilhelm Huck – Josh Bongard

The Late Night Conference with Wilhelm Huck is back again on Thursday 17th March, 20h00 CET!


This third episode of season 2 of the Late Night Conference with Wilhelm Huck will be streamed live on our YouTube channel Late Night Conference with WH (don’t forget to subscribe & watch our previous exciting episodes!) from Theaterzaal C, where we are excited to have you in our audience!! Get your free ticket here to watch the show LIVE*. Please pay attention – no ticket is needed if you only want to watch the stream on YouTube!

With us will be Josh Bongard , Professor of Computer Science at the University of Vermont and director of the Morphology, Evolution & Cognition Laboratory, who will be guiding us through his fantastic research on Xenobots!


What would life look like on other worlds? Harnessing ideas from evolutionary biology, Josh Bongard and his team have evolved virtual creatures on the computer to not only study this curious question, but also to engineer better and more adaptive robots in real life. By creating multiple virtual worlds each with their own forms of artificial life, unique phylogenetic trees emerge to give us a glimpse into the wonders of evolution! Taking this concept further, Josh and his collaborators have engineered soft robots using frog cells (Xenobots) whose 3D structure was inspired by virtual robots. Amazingly, these Xenobots can move and assemble new versions of themselves!


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