Late Night Conference with Wilhelm Huck – Pablo Lanillos

The Late Night Conference with Wilhelm Huck is back again on Thursday 14th April, 20h00 CET!

This fourth episode of season 2 of the Late Night Conference with Wilhelm Huck will be streamed live on our YouTube channel Late Night Conference with WH (don’t forget to subscribe & watch our previous exciting episodes!) from Theaterzaal C, where we are excited to have you in our audience!! Get your free ticket here to watch the show LIVE*. Please pay attention – no ticket is needed if you only want to watch the stream on YouTube!

With us will be Pablo Lanillos, Assistant Professor at Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, who will be guiding us through his fantastic research on Artificial Intelligence!

Pablo Lanillos will be joining us IN PERSON at Theatrezaal C! Imagine a future where robots can perceive and act with their bodies, just as humans do… Pablo will guide us through his fascinating research that aims to bring this to life! Combining artificial intelligence and machine learning, Pablo is inspired by neuroscience to unravel the mysteries of our own self-perception. So why wait? Get your free tickets now to join in our live discussion that will undoubtedly enrich your perceptions too!

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*corona rules permitting