New publication on uncovering phenotypic characteristics and active signal transduction of human antibody secreting cells

New paper was published by our group members Erik van Buijtenen and Jessie van Buggenum together with collaborators Wout Janssen, Paul Vink, Maurice J.M. Habraken, Laura J.A. Wingens, Andrea van Elsas and Hans van Eenennaam! Here we use integrated multi-omic single-cell sequencing technologies to detect and quantify immunoglobulin subclass-specific surface markers, transcriptional profiles and signaling transduction pathway components. We tested whether human antibody secreting cells (ASCs) that only seem to differ in its ability to secrete different IgM, IgA, or IgG antibodies, exhibit other differences that characterize these different ASCs. Our approach detected differential expression of plasmablast and plasma cell markers, homing receptors and TNF receptors. In addition, differential sensitivity was observed for the different cytokine stimulations that were applied during in vitro differentiation. Taken together, our integrated multi-omics approach allowed high-resolution phenotypic characterization of single cells in a heterogenous sample of in vitro differentiated human ASCs.

Congratulations to Erik, Jessie and Wilhelm!!

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