The Secret Sock Santa

Huck group together with the whole Department of Physical Organic Chemistry celebrated The Secret Sock Santa and exchanged many colourful pairs of socks as well as very original poems! This is how we are creating joyful mood for upcoming winter festivities!


Elena Daines and Dr. Kinga Matuła gave talks during CHAINS 2020  that is the annual Dutch chemistry conference. Elena presented prebiotic networks and complex systems behavior and Kinga talked about following the flow of information in biochemical networks using QuRIE-seq. Well done girls!

NWO Veni Grant for Jessie van Buggenum

Dr. Jessie van Buggenum has been awarded a NWO Veni Grant. Veni is part of the Talent Programme of the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research (NWO). It allows researchers who have recently obtained their PhD to conduct independent research and develop their ideas for a period of three years.

New paper in Science Advances: Tiny droplets detect sugar eating cells and speed up cancer prognosis

Very excited to share our latest publication that was accepted in Science Advances!

We developed a droplet-based microfluidic platform for the detection and isolation of circulating stromal cells and circulating tumor cells (CTCs). We demonstrate that the level of metabolic activity of circulating stromal cells is prognostic and a promising biomarker.
Congratulations to Francesca, Kinga, Aigars and Wilhlem!

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Novel concept for self-organization emerging from simple chemical building blocks

New paper was accepted for publication in Nature Communications!
A fascinating feature of living matter is how interactions at the molecular scale are translated into the spontaneous formation of complex architectures. The research study has been executed within the Gravitation program Functional Molecular Systems (FMS). Congrats!  

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Aleksandr Pogodaev finalist of the 2020 Reaxys® PhD Prize

The Reaxys PhD Prize celebrates innovative and rigorous research by ambitious early career chemical sciences researchers. This year’s competition maintained the high standards of previous years: over 400 entries from around the globe were rigorously examined by the Review Committee to arrive at the 45 finalists. Aleksandr Pogodaev, PhD in the Huck group is one of the finalists. Congrats!

ERC Advanced Grant

We are proud to announce that Prof. Wilhelm Huck has been awarded with an ERC Advanced Grant for his research on ‘Life inspired complex molecular systems controlled by enzymatic reaction networks’.

ICMSE-2 Nijmegen

Registration for the 2nd International Conference on Molecular Systems Engineering in Nijmegen from 18 until 20th of August has opened. Visit the website ( for more information.